coconut banana bread

September 10, 2008

Bringing together two of my favorite flavors is this super-easy coconut banana bread. The coconut gives a little chewiness and texture to the very dense bread. It also bakes up to be a very pretty loaf. I recommend eating at least some of it as soon as it’s cooled down – the crispy crust is amazing and unfortunately goes toodle-oo once you store it. Though this is an obvious breakfast choice, I could see it being really delicious as a dessert, maybe with some carmel sauce or heated and served with cinnamon or coconut ice cream.

Coconut Banana Bread
Notes: This bread baked up very high. My pan sloped in at the bottom, so that may have been the reason. Because it baked so high out of the pan, I was left with a tunnel of goo between were the top got done and where the bread hit the sides of the pan. It was easy to eat around (the done part separated very easily) and there was still more than enough edible loaf left, but it’s a little disappointing for that part to end up in the trash. If you’re concerned about this happening, try baking in two smaller pans.


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